Promoting Dual Careers

Better Together

Dual Career Network Ruhr (DCN Ruhr) assists partners of newly appointed members of academic staff in navigating career options in the Ruhr area, in order to increase the likelihood of a successful job search in the region. To this end, 20 research, economic and administrative institutions in the region have joined forces. The Network is coordinated by the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR).

Please note

DCN Ruhr won’t be able to provide a job placement guarantee. DCN Ruhr services can be commissioned solely through the academic institutions participating in the Network, which have prepared a profile form to be filled out by candidates seeking academics appointments.

Portrait (c) Frau Prof. Dr. Havenith-Newen
Portrait (c) Frau Prof. Dr. Havenith-Newen

"Dual Career programmes are increasingly gaining in importance as academic institutions strive to gain an edge in the competition for the best minds in their fields. Only by overcoming pork barrel politics, we will succeed with joint forces in promoting UA Ruhr as a leading research hub. "

Frau Prof. Dr. Havenith-Newen
Speaker and Coordinator of the RESOLV Cluster of Excellence
Ruhr-Universität Bochum



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